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Graphic Design for Indian Predator

Film & TV

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is a three-part Netflix true crime documentary that follows the life of a serial killer who leaves a series of mutilated bodies and taunting notes outside a Delhi Jail, which sends the police hunting for a seasoned killer with a grudge against the system.

I was an associate graphic designer on this project at Plexus Motion, working primarily on photo-realistic forensic recreations to aid the 3d motion design.


As a visual narrative for a show that talks about multiple murders with mutilated parts of these bodies tossed across Delhi, we shed focus on the complications and the sheer volume of paperwork that usually goes into finding a serial killer on the loose for years.

Investigation Board

The art director aimed to manifest these scattered and tattered pieces of evidence into a large, almost infinite, investigation board.


The goal was to digitally create the feeling of the police trying to generate this visual database inside a police station whilst achieving the photo-realistic tactility of this set-up.

The motion designer then took these to Blender to give it the grungy, dimly lit police quarters' atmosphere.

We imagined a police constable could've torn pages off of a calendar to create the main murder timeline.

Adding more evidence on the board as the show progresses.

As a visual aid, we decided to digitally destroy passport-sized photographs like damaged polaroids to show/not show the people's faces the police could not find by the end of the investigation.

Actual hand-made Site Plan of Tihar Jail provided by the police department.


Map recreation based on details in the Site Plan.

Here is the breakdown edit.

PS: I hand wrote a few of those “police notes”, so look out, here comes Sherlock haha!

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