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Creating an identity for Gyaan Central

Influencer Content

Gyaan Central is an ever-growing brand by video content creator Aadil Verma. From interesting nuggets about sometimes bizarre things to deep stimulating conversations with people from various facets of several industries, Gyaan Central keeps you informed and entertained with silly humour and clean editing.

Aadil approached me to create this brand's identity that could contain the diverse yet informative content Gyaan Central would make in the future.

No Brainer

With intellect being the driving force, the use of the human brain as an element in the logo felt seamless!

Also, the name had English and Hindi parts, I thought it would be interesting to morph the multilingual aspect into the form of a brain, giving it a literal "face" to the brand.

A simple and bold typeface to show the power of knowledge.

Sticking to the colour theory principle where the blues equal knowledge and adding the bright orange as an accent colour to push the fun element.

Spread it out!

Infinite knowledge. That is what was the idea behind expanding the logo into bigger spaces. One piece of information spreads and almost shapeshifts into something else, it becomes a part of something vast.

Besides, Gyaan Central’s moto is - Gyaan बटाओ Gyaan बढ़ाओ (Imparting the knowledge and spreading it further)!

Some merch designs based on the catchphrases that Aadil uses in his videos.

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