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Designing a children's book titled 'Shiyaal ne ek chaalaki sujhi'


My college graduation project revolved around preserving Gujarati folklore in a way that the future generation can digest and enjoy.


I conducted a bunch of interviews with kids, parents and grandparents about their relationships with stories and language. Some crucial insights and opportunities arose!

opportunities to possible outcomes

Animal stories

Turns out, the children converse very well in their mother tongues but reading and understanding the script is an issue.


So, I decided to create a transliterated book of 6 animal-based stories revolving around the main character ie. the fox. (a common occurrence in a lot of favourite stories). I added activities in the book to keep them hooked. Also thought of Integrating it with AR, which would help the new-gen kids to learn Gujarati in a more immersive way.

Developing the character by getting inspired by the kids' drawings. Their drawings made me create a design style that felt familiar and cute.

‘Shiyaal ne ek chaalaki sujhi’ meaning, the fox had a clever idea is a full-spread illustrated activity storybook.

It aims to preserve the Gujarati stories, written and published in the '50s by the famous Gujarati author, Jivram Joshi.


I created a small campaign, which involved 2 AR posters, announcing the book is now in stores.

promotion poster 2.jpg

In case you'd like to know in more detail, here is a link to the documentation for this project.

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