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pfizer : brand

Establishing Pfizer's digital presence in India by focusing on various therapy areas.

digital campaigns

As one of India's most prominent pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer aims to cure, treat and prevent diseases with a focus on science, compassion, and breakthroughs.

Pfizer has the power to voice information that is crucial for its patients. It doesn't shy away from talking about sensitive issues. It wants its
patients to choose the right medication with
the right mindset. Here is where we, MSL, came into the picture.


Creating the digital presence of Pfizer India's two ongoing  campaigns - #sPILLthebeans and #KeepItReal


This is a digital-first initiative dedicated to spilling the secrets on oral contraception, its usage

and its advantages.

An initiative that allows Pfizer to speak to women about contraception and disseminating necessary information along with bringing up the crucial involvement of gynaecologists in the decision making process.

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Since this is an ongoing campaign, I can only present one of the creatives at the moment.

3 alcohol v2.jpg

For this campaign, we created a striking & distinct visual lens taking a relatable, engaging, empathetic and minimalist creative approach. We tried to subtly create a 'shape recall' in the creatives so as to make the audience think a little bit.

Platform: Facebook


This is an initiative by Pfizer Upjohn that
aims to create awareness and shun silence around Erectile Dysfunction, encouraging couples to have an honest conversation and consult an expert.

viagra gif.gif

As part of a team at MSL Group:
Senior Art Director - Mrinalini Kamath
Art Director - Pratyancha Puri
Visualizer - Aneri Shah
Copywriter - Yagini Jain
Client servicing team - Kushal Avlani,

Poulami Deb, Megha Arora

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