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mumbai darshan

A modern touch to an otherwise deeply-rooted identity, just like Mumbai

visual identity

With a plethora of tourist attractions
and long coastline, Mumbai is a heaven
for the tourists.

Mumbai Darshan is a convenient bus ride to give the visitors a fantastic tour of the city's major tourist spots. After realising that this iconic bus ride had no existing identity, I had to take this project up.

mumbai intro gif.gif

My brainstorming session resulted in keywords like water, culture, modern and architecture.

Those are what I like to call my visual pillars for Mumbai. I tried various ways, to represent them in the most authentic way possible -

people greeting, the curved coastline,

minarets on the Gateway of India etc.

I finally landed upon the identity

that I think had it all. 

logo elements gif.gif

This identity is based on the major tourist attractions in Mumbai, i.e. The Gateway of India, CST Station and Marine Drive. Together, they form the Devanagari letter ‘m’.


Red, Yellow and Blue play a major role in
Mumbai’s identity. They are spread across
the city in signage, architecture, transportation etc. Also, they give a vibrant feel, just like the city!

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