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gyaan central

An identity that clearly shows intellect, but yet is
very easy to comprehend

visual identity

Our decisions and habits are influenced more than just our consciousnesses and sanity. 

Gyaan Central is a Youtube Channel that enables people to make better decisions
by bridging the gap between real-world stories and academic research. 
It primarily focuses on Behavioral Economics and Cognitive Science.


Check out the channel here!

intro gyaan.gif

The nose was added to make it easily understandable for the audience that it was a face and a brain. 

The simplicity of the g and the 'gya' morphing into each other to give the soft, squishy resemblance of the brain seemed to click.

Abstract words like philosophy, knowledge, understanding behaviour, habits came into focus but almost everything narrowed down to one tangible word: Brain.

I started playing around with different

aspects to show the brain. Exploring neuron structures, unlocking the brain, connecting the concept of having a conversation to the visual aspect of the brain etc.

logo blue-08.png
gyaan logo formaation.gif

Blue quickly identifies itself as intelligent and a bright orange helps distinguish between all the darkness, just like the channel imparting knowledge, pulling you out of the murk.

Screenshot (659).png

Alternate Youtube banners

Gyaan Central also has a podcast, called Gyaan Central Unhinged. They are candid conversations with people that pique their curiosity.

1.0 gyaan central podcast.png
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